ArcaneLucid Unity Ground Texture Pack Now Live

While making things to create stories for ArcaneLucid we decide to share some of that passion for creating with the world.

Samantha Knight

5/28/20231 min read

Texture pack for unity game engine.Texture pack for unity game engine.

The ArcaneLucid team has just released their latest creation, the Ground Textures Pack, on the Unity Asset Store. This exciting new addition to the store provides game developers with a versatile set of textures that can be used to create stunning terrains in their Unity projects.

With a variety of high-quality textures available, including grassy fields, rocky mountains, and sandy beaches, this pack is sure to enhance the visual appeal of any game or simulation. Not only are these textures beautiful to look at, but they also provide an excellent foundation for adding additional details and customizations to your terrain art.

Unity is evolving but the dedication to making quality grounds has become dated and ugly. One area that is often overlooked in game design is the quality of textures used in creating the world around players. However, with eight complete grounds available, each with eight prepared materials, designers now have access to a wide variety of high-quality textures to help them create truly awe-inspiring worlds.

From grassy fields to rocky mountains and sandy beaches, there are plenty of options for designers looking to add texture and depth to their gaming environments. These textures are designed specifically for use in games, allowing for seamless integration into existing landscapes and environments. By providing such a wide range of options, developers can create unique worlds that feel alive and engaging, drawing players deeper into the experience than ever before.

These eight textures blend together with three keystone grounds and careful use of connections and a little patience when blending.